June 2014

Exciting New Fashion Trends

If you like being current on hip clothing and accessories, then it’s important to always stay updated on new fashion trends that are going around. Whether you’re interested in the runway or in casual street wear, exciting new trends always abound. 

Permanent make up on eyebrows

Wake Up Ready To Go With Permanent Makeup

We’ve all had those mornings that we wake up late or don’t feel up to putting on a full face of makeup. Imagine looking in the mirror and noticing that most of the work is already done. Permanent makeup helps ladies look their best without struggling to create perfection before facing the world. 

Blue 3D nails

All About 3D Nails

3d nails are one of the biggest crazes in the nail art world at the moment. These nails are popular in areas all over the globe, particularly in Japan.

Woman on a swing on the beach

Summer Fashion Must Haves for 2014

Summer is the ideal season to break out the stylish sandals and colorful print tops and dresses. While certain trends seem to be in place, you’ll find the following summer fashion must haves to be a unique version of your own person preferences.

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