Natural beauty tips for women

Natural Beauty Tips for the Face

Natural beauty products are gentle on the skin while providing the same benefits as products bought in the stores. Natural beauty products are made from things you probably have in your kitchen cabinets. They’re easy and don’t have all the dyes, perfumes and chemicals in most store-bought beauty products. When you create your own beauty products, you can see exactly what goes into making them.

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Our faces are the first thing most people see about us. We want to keep our face clean and beautiful without harsh dyes and chemicals. The first natural beauty tip for a beautiful face is to have a clean one. Strawberries have Salicylic acid, which is the main ingredient in acne cleansers. 

A strawberry mask with other ingredients like honey, milk and lemon will provide more cleaning properties to the mask. Honey has antibacterial properties that will rid the face of dirt. Milk’s calcium will provide cell renewal, and lemon will exfoliate the skin. Combine all these ingredients together with a bit of cornstarch to bind it together and make it thicker for a face mask. Leave it on for 10 minutes to get the full benefit of the mask then rinse. 

Woman with a plate of fresh strawberries
When we clean our faces, we want to rid it of dirt, clear out the pores and exfoliate to rid our skin of old, dead cells. There are many natural ingredients that will provide that benefit. Each of the ingredients above can be used alone to provide benefits to the skin too. 

After cleaning the face, it’s time to moisturize. There are a few natural beauty tips for moisturizing too. You can use olive oil with its linoleic acid, which keeps skin from losing moisture, or buttermilk directly on the skin to get the benefits of the lactic acid. Both can be applied to the skin then gently rinsed so some of the liquid remains.

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