Best Makeup Brushes

Shopping for makeup brushes can be overwhelming, as we are faced with multiple options. We also experience a sales clerk insisting we need each and every brush he or she is presenting to us, and curiosity as to which brush possesses the best angles and bristles for our makeup routine’s needs. Over the years, I …

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Permanent make up on eyebrows

Wake Up Ready To Go With Permanent Makeup

We’ve all had those mornings that we wake up late or don’t feel up to putting on a full face of makeup. Imagine looking in the mirror and noticing that most of the work is already done. Permanent makeup helps ladies look their best without struggling to create perfection before facing the world. 

Blue 3D nails

All About 3D Nails

3d nails are one of the biggest crazes in the nail art world at the moment. These nails are popular in areas all over the globe, particularly in Japan.

Portrait of girl with makeup and long bang

Makeup for Girls is a Neccesity

Girls are beginning to wear makeup younger and younger these days. Makeup for girls is no longer a privilege, but a necessity. Just like part of your morning routine, you must brush your teeth; girls must put on their makeup as part of their morning routine.

Orange nails with cristals

Having Fun With Creative Nail Design

Whether you have always enjoyed painting your own nails or if you are looking for a new way to express yourself, incorporating creative nail design in your next manicure can be done with the use of online tutorials, guides and inspirational communities. 

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