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Having Fun With Creative Nail Design

Whether you have always enjoyed painting your own nails or if you are looking for a new way to express yourself, incorporating creative nail design in your next manicure can be done with the use of online tutorials, guides and inspirational communities. 

Creative Nail Design
Gather Your Tools and Accessories

Stock up on the appropriate tools necessary to get started with your own funky nail design. Use nail sponges, dotters for polka dots and thin nail art brushes for more intricate designs; ranging from characters to patterns and complete paintings.

Polka Dots

Purchasing a dotter for your nail design kit can be done at a local beauty supply shop or by ordering one right from home, online. Adding polka dots to your nails with a dotter is simple. Place a small amount of nail polish on a piece of paper or tissue you are working with, using the dotter to gather the polish and place it accordingly onto your nails for a polka dot look.

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Zebra Print

Adding zebra print to your nails is possible with a thin nail art brush and a bit of patience. Start from the bottom of each nail with a thin black or white nail art brush, creating waves and similar stripes in a vertical fashion for the zebra print look.


Basic stripes no longer have to be simply basic when getting creative with your own nail design. Alternate vertical and horizontal stripes along with the colors you use to make your own color palette while sprucing up traditional stripes.

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Top Coat

A creative nail design is not complete with a top coat of gloss and clear polish. Adding a top coat ensures your manicure will stay in tact longer while giving it a glossy and professional finish.

Joining online creative nail design communities and sharing manicure updates with others can help to stay inspired and fresh with ideas any time you are in the mood for a new manicure. Getting creative with a variety of colors, brushes and manicure tools is a way to give yourself a professional-appearing manicure without the cost of a professional service.

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