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Makeup for Girls is a Neccesity

Girls are beginning to wear makeup younger and younger these days. Makeup for girls is no longer a privilege, but a necessity. Just like part of your morning routine, you must brush your teeth; girls must put on their makeup as part of their morning routine.

Beautiful young girlIt is no longer a surprise to see a 10 year old in your local grocery store with a face full of brightly colored eye shadow and lip gloss. In fact, they now have makeup brands that are targeted towards the younger generations that contain bright colors and interesting combos to catch their attention. 

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With shows like Toddlers in Tiaras, it is making the idea of putting make up on a 3 year old to completely change their looks the norm. Makeup for girls is like them putting on their face. They do not want to be seen without it and the idea of having to go out in public without their makeup or “face” on would be a disaster. Girls could not even imagine what it was like to live “back in the day” where women had no rights and could not wear makeup. They often think how did the survive? Or how did they get a man? The concept of natural beauty is something that has become extinct. 

Makeup for girls
Now it is all about what color can you change your eyes with contacts and how tan can you paint your skin. Makeup for girls is going beyond just the basic washable products and moving onto more permanent methods such as tattoo eye liner and laser surgery to change the color of eyes permanently. It is something that is ever-changing with the expansion of technology and creative minds. Applying makeup onto a face has changed from something that you simply to enhance your features to a work of art that is used to completely mold your looks into exactly what you wish.

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