How to Look Unique

The desire to fit in as soared to an almost ubiquitous height in modern society. Yet there are those few individuals who wish to distinguish themselves from the crowd and act as a testament to their own sense of style.

3Allowing your own tastes and style-preferences to guide you lies at the heart of creating your unique style. No one can tell you what to wear; you need to be comfortable in your clothes. However, you can use some methods to discover what your style is.

Evaluate your closet, and use this time as a cleansing strategy. If you never wear certain articles of clothing or simply don’t like them, donate them to a charity. As far as those shirts with countless holes in them, the time has come for them to embark on a journey to clothing heaven. Once you have eliminated the clutter, look at what you have left. The items remaining help you to determine what your sense of style is. For example, you may own many clothes in a particular color family or that hail from a certain era. These remaining pieces help you to determine what exactly your style is. You may, in fact, find that your style is a blend of different ones or that you vary your style based on how you are feeling and wear you are going.

Now that you’ve determined the basics of your style, you can look for pieces to add on to existing outfits. Throwing a denim bolero jacket over a white dress or adding a feathered hair piece when you’re wearing an all-black dress helps to give your outfit some energy and personal flavor. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the process. You don’t need to purchase all of your new clothes and accessories at once. When you have an event to go to, add in a clothing item that will complete your outfit for that event. Remember, the definition of unique is “one-of-a-kind,” and you can only be one-of-a-kind by selecting clothing that you truly like; no one else can define that for you.

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