Empowerment through High Heels

There is absolutely nothing that can make you feel more like a woman than putting on a pair of beautiful heels. Shoes are more than just another piece of clothing, in modern times they have become to symbolize who we are as a person, especially for women. If the clothes make the man, then the shoes make the woman. And shoes can make a woman feel strong, sexy and empowered. 

Gold woman shoesHigh heels actually change your posture. To walk well in them, you have to stand up straighter than you do in lower ones. This change in posture accentuates a woman’s curves. Walking in them also changes the pattern of your gait, you have to strut to get around, swinging your hips. That’s why women tend to look sexier when they’re walking in heels. They also force you to use your lower leg muscles more than lower ones. This makes for more toned and attractive legs. You have to use your core when walking this high up in order to tuck your bottom down and walk smoothly. All of this muscle engagement can be exhausting!Multicolor high heelsHere are some quick tips to become empowered through your shoes, without hurting yourself or becoming exhausted.

  • Practice walking in them to increase your confidence
  • Be careful to stand straight when walking, don’t hunch or lean
  • Don’t go too high, 2 inches are plenty
  • Choose comfortable shoes that don’t pinch or hurt
  • Let go of old, worn out pairs of shoes
  • Give your feet a break when you need to

Woman's shoe
We’ve established that heels can add up to a tired body after a long day, but they also add up to more confidence in yourself. When you feel beautiful and sexy, then that’s going to come out in your actions. So much of how we interact with other people is about how we feel about ourselves inside. Use these beautiful and sexy shoes to help you feel empowered!

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