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Beautiful Hair Starts From Within

It seems as if short locks are making a fierce comeback. Many celebrities opted for pixie cuts and similar short dos last year and the trend is still growing strong. That doesn’t mean that you need to start chopping away because long tresses always have a place in beauty. No matter what style you want to rock this summer you have to start with healthy beautiful hair. All too often we forget that applying all the styling products in the world will not help achieve our desired look if placed on damaged hair.

Beautiful Hair

From the Inside Out

Even with the fitness craze of modern times, it is easy to overlook the value of multi-vitamins. Not only do taking vitamins help your overall health, they make a viable foundation for beautiful hair, skin, and nails. Of course, everyone will not be so willing to take them. Fortunately, there is another option. Since hair is a hardened form of protein named keratin, eating generous portions of protein rich foods can aid in the formation of strong thick hair. Pairing light meats such as chicken and fish with fruits that are full of amino acids allows quicker absorption of the protein which helps in the keratinization process.

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Healthy Scalp

Once you have your body’s building blocks stacking in the right direction, it’s time to make sure the scalp is ready. There are numerous scalp conditions that can hinder hair growth and contribute to its lifeless appearance. Some of them require assistance from a dermatologist while others can be treated at home. Dandruff and psoriasis medication, for instance, can be bought over the counter with no hassle. The most common ailments are simply dry itchy scalp and product residue buildup. Luckily, there are easy remedies for these as well. Oil treatments are wonderful for dry itchy scalp. Cleansing products specifically designed to remove product buildup is a simple cheap remedy for clogged pores and unruly hair.

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Beautiful hair may start from within, but maintaining your locks with non harsh chemicals is the key to keeping it that way. Try using some of the organic options that are now available and refraining from overuse of products for overall stunning hair.

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