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Great Ideas for Wedding Hairdos

Weddings are a big day for brides: everything from the dress to the hair has to be perfect. Getting ideas for the hairstyle cannot be as simple as asking a hairdresser, and there is no one-size-fits-all hairstyle that will make every bridge look stunning on her wedding day. Her hair must be perfect and be styled in a way that emphasizes her beauty and happiness, and this will be different for every bride.

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Well before the wedding, she should have an idea as to how she wants her hair to look before she actually visits the hairdresser right before the big day. There are four main categories of styles for hair: updos, half-up styles, flowing and short styles, so a bride must choose one that will match her hair style and dress.


Updos work for long or medium length hair. All the hair is pulled up off the back and neck to create a tight yet elegant look. Buns are a popular updo for weddings. The side bun has made a comeback, with the hair gathered to one side of the nape of the neck. The raised bun is also popular for brides with long faces or thick hair; this style brings the hair to the crown of the head and pulls the hair around in an exaggerated bun style. Still others gather all the head at the nape of the neck, creating a frame around the face as well as a sleeker look to the top of the head. Braids can also be incorporated into an updo style in the form of an intricate and classic braided bun. 

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Half-Up hairstyles often pull hair from the hairline to create designs throughout the top half of the hair. Hair hangs down over the back, while braids and pony tails adorn the top of the head. Many brides use barrettes or other decorations to accentuate a half-up hair style. Hair stylists can twist, manipulate and sculpt hair to create a cascading half-up style.


Similar to the half-up style, a flowing style only uses some of the hair in order to create its signature effect. The hair is pulled back from the top of the head and sculpted to create a pattern. The biggest difference is the way the hair is pulled down the back. Often, the designs are created to give the appearance of cascading hair from the top of the head all the way to the bottom of the hair. Some stylists will flip the hair ends over a shoulder to further create the illusion of flowing locks. Additionally, the hair sculpting will be in the form of braids or twists which help make the hair look as if it is physically flowing from the crown and hairline. This style takes a long time to create but looks great on longer hair lengths.

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Short Styles

Short styles are often fixed and held with a headband or other form of decoration for a wedding. Shorter styles can be harder to work with, but they do have advantages. Short bangs can be side swept for the wedding and shorter lengths in the back can be curled, if there is enough hair available. However, most brides with short hair will require the addition of decorative pieces for a wedding.

Which One is the Right Choice?

Ultimately, it is up to the bride as to what style she wants to choose. It is a good idea to meet with a hairdresser who specializes in wedding hairstyles well before the big day actually takes place. The hairdresser can then give her advice about how to take care of her hair in advance of the appointment right before the wedding day.


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