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Plus Size Fashion Tips

Being a plus size woman has multiple advantages, most important of them being curves and structure. While a petite and slim body has always been a favorite with fashion houses all over the world, the fashion industry is finally acknowledging that women come in all shapes and sizes. Not just that, they are celebrating this diversity, bringing out new fashion trends and options for plus size women. With the variety out there in the market, it can be pretty easy to pick the wrong trend. The following are some plus size fashion tips for women that would keep the glamour on.

Maxine of Hollywood Women's Plus-Size Poppy Paisley Empire Swim Dress

• Body Shape Decides Clothes – With plus size women, body shape becomes an important topic. Not every plus size woman has an hourglass figure but if that is the case, it is important to show that asset off. For women who have a much solid and rectangular body shape, cuts and clothes that create an illusion of shape should be preferred. Pear shaped beauties are advised to stick to basic separates and mix-and-match to create the right outfit. The idea for pear shaped bodies is to balance the frame. 

• Don’t Follow Trends Blindly – Not only should this style tip be followed by plus sized women but for all fashionistas out there, it is important to keep this in mind. Trends appear keeping a perfect body shape in mind but in the real world, that is never the case. Some people are top heavy, some have an hourglass figure, some have flabby arms and others don’t like their thighs. Thus, when choosing to follow a trend, it is important to realize what works and what doesn’t. Blindly following trends can lead to outfit-crashes.

Calvin Klein Women's Plus-Size Sleeveless Diaganol Stripe Dress

• Work on those Assets – Everyone has one great asset in their body that is not only liked by themselves but also by other people. These could be face related, like aquiline features, sharp nose, beautiful eyes or they could be related to something else. For instance, women who have great legs, plus size or otherwise, should focus on showing them off with a pair of perfect heels and a pencil skirt. If collar bones are an asset, then the necklines of dresses and tops should be chosen so as to emphasize on that asset. 

• Play With Colors – Colors can make or break an outfit which is why huge color trends are revealed every season. Colors can also be used to accentuate certain features of the body. For instance, if the idea is to draw the attention to collar bones, the neckline needs to be in bright colors and exotic looking. For emphasizing the waist, a pretty colorful belt can be chosen. Color blocking, which has been an ongoing trend for some time now, can be used to further focus on particular areas. Blacks, browns and deep blues are colors that create the illusion of slimness. It is common for full figured women to choose these colors, especially for bottoms. 

MSK Women's Plus-Size Sleeveless Cowl Neck Dress

• Accessorizing is the Key – Clothing can be a bit restrictive for plus sized women but when it comes to accessories, sky is the limit. Currently, ‘bigger is better’ is the trend in accessories for plus sized women but actually, anything that works with a particular outfit can be chosen. Again, accessories are a great way to focus attention on particular areas. A studded belt can emphasize a perfect waist and a nice necklace can draw attention to the neckline. Simple and everyday outfits can be made glamorous by choosing the right accessories.

• The Undergarment Basics – While people splurge on clothes, bags, shoes, makeup and accessories, they forget the most basic thing for utmost comfort – undergarments. Time and money need to be spent on getting the right fitting bra for plus size women. If the undergarments are not comfortable, the feeling would be similar to wearing someone else’s skin. Thus, top brands and fabrics should be trusted while choosing the right undergarments. Also, certain dresses require special bras (halter, backless, clip on, et al) and if the occasion is important, it is alright to splurge in this department. Body shaping undergarments are also available which can be explored. 

• Say No to Baggy Clothes – It is a habit with plus sized women to automatically go for baggy and misshapen clothes that somehow make them feel a bit smaller and invisible. There is no need to do that. A voluptuous figure is the dream of every artist and makeover specialist. The reason – huge amount of variety on what to wear. Instead of going the baggy way, fit should be the focus of attention. Choosing the right fitting for clothes and wearing clothes that are the right size gives the impression of smartness and suavity. This goes doubly while choosing formal wear.

Sandra Darren Women's Plus-Size Short Sleeve Belted Stripe Bottom Dress

• Tailored Garments – Tailored garments can be costly but they are worth the expenditure. Because when that perfect dress is worn, it fits like another skin and the feeling is exquisite. Even after so many developments in the fashion world for plus sized women, not everything fits. Thus, find a good tailor and work out the exact measurements. It would take some time to a) find a good tailor, and b) get back the clothes, but the results make it worth the effort.

• Different Brands have Different Sizes – This is not just true for plus sized wear but for any clothes at major brands. Size 6 at one brand is not the same as that in other brands. Thus, it is extremely important to always try out the clothes before buying them. The size can say anything but the focus should be on good fitting. After all, size is just a simple number while the right fit is forever. 

Plus sized women have been given such a beautiful body and they should love it. Exploration of new fashion choices and trends should be done with confidence. It is important to find a personal style and when all else fails, a pair of classic blue denims and a plain white shirt are always going to be a hit. 

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