Fashion Ideas – Trends and Tips

When it comes to fashion ideas, there are some that are great for everyone. Exploring them here, we hope that you’ll be able to come away from this with a better sense of how simple it is to look good and feel great.

Scarves are in; Scoughs are Better

One of the biggest fashion ideas this year is not only to wear a trendy scarf, but to keep the germs out by wearing a Scough. This scarf is made in the USA from ethically sourced materials, so you’ll stay healthy while supporting a great cause.

Nail Polish – it’s on or it’s not

Many young women today are walking around with chipped nail polish. If this is a fashion trend, it’s one that needs to end. chipped nail polish simply looks tacky, but nails that are well done can look phenomenal while those that are plain can also look very nice.

It’s Time to Alter the Reverse Mullet

The haircut known as the angled bob – short on the back and long on the sides – needs to be redefined. While many hair blogs and mags are noting that it shapes to one’s face and makes for an amazing look, the truth is that it’s nothing more than an inverse mullet.

The party has been moved from the back to the sides, and it just looks ridiculous. Of all the fashion ideas from this decade, this is one that is equivalent to the super wide pants of the 1990’s.

There are other great tips and trends that could be noted here, but by following this guide a fair foundation can be established. So, just remember, you can not only look fabulous this winter with a hip scarf, but that scarf can keep the germs away if it’s a Scough. Nails should be painted or plain, but never chipped. And the angled bob haircut has had a good run, but it is time to see it for what it is – the 21st Century’s mullet.

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5 thoughts on “Fashion Ideas – Trends and Tips”

  1. HAHAHAHAHA, the reverse mullet. So true! It is easily the very worst haircut a woman can have, and they’re going Ape-schnikees over it.

  2. How about putting up some photos that are relevant, like of a scough, chipped nail polish, and that terrible haircut.

    as it stands you’re an amazing writer but when it comes to posting content my dog’s ….. is better.

  3. Very nice piece. I discovered the Scough when a friend gave me one before embarking on a tour of China. It was a lifesaver from all of the smog and god-knows-what-else

  4. I actually like when my nail polish chips. It gives me a little bit of a worn look like I’ve just been done good and hard, or been at a club 2 nights in a row and anything could have happened. In fact, when I see another woman with chipped nail polish it makes me wet because who knows what happened?

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